Chris’s Sport on Freeview Guide – Issue 6.75

No Pro12 Rugby on Red Button TV Last Night

Letter I sent to Marc Jones at BBC Red Button last night, regarding the Pro12 rugby (or lack of it…)

Hi Marc my name is Chris Benson I compile a weekly blog at – and I thought rather than put my feedback on the blog post for this week, I could email you and ask for some feedback I could include on my site.
Obviously tonight, there was The One Show Music Festival at 7:25 which meant the Scrum V rugby couldn’t be shown live on Red Button (Ospreys v Treviso).  Eastenders Extra followed at 8:25, fair enough – it’s a BBC1 programme, extremely popular, a lot of people will press red after the BBC1 showing and then later after the BBC3 repeat.  But the scene itself is about 6 minutes – and yet it’s in a loop until 6am!  (That’s about 95 times before 6am to my reckoning!).  I guess I think somewhere, even Saturday morning, the rugby could be shown – Scrum V is a brilliant addition to Friday evenings but if there’s other Red Button programming I feel even watching the game delayed would please rugby fans.  Swashbuckle Extra is on tomorrow morning for over four hours, and again that only lasts for 15 minutes – and it’s been on several times this week… again, this ‘loop’ could be shortened for tonight’s rugby as a delay.
I appreciate scheduling it all must be a tricky one to please everyone – but I do feel with tonight, the rugby could have been scheduled delayed as a compromise.
Kindest regards
Chris Benson

Note – I did try contacting the BBC Press Office and also the BBC Complaints team to mention this during the week, no reply for either area I’m afraid.  Scrum V will be shown on Red Button TV this Friday though.

Made in Leeds – Coming Soon!

I grew up in Granadaland and at its peak, Granada provided top quality regional entertainment as well as delivering a wide variety of stuff to the main ITV network.  But, those regional days on ITV are long gone – and there’s been nothing really to fill the void.  Until now…  Made in Leeds is one of many local TV channels that will launch around the country; some have already started, many more still to come.  And just by seeing the test transmissions and the images of Leeds Arena, Leeds Carnegic etc I got excited – a TV channel for our region!  We do need it.  I asked the channel a couple of questions, as they get ready for launching the channel next month…

Chris – I’ve heard there will be a programme about Leeds United, is there any other details on this, or any other sports programming planned?

Made in Leeds – There will be a football programme on Made In Leeds but not necessarily ‘about’ Leeds United. We envisage working with them in exploring sponsorship opportunities or as production partners but nothing has been agreed yet. Recent changes in the club’s ownership and management means we need to give them some time to settle down first.   Chris – Yorkshire TV is iconic with Leeds… London Live broadcast some ‘classic’ programming set in London, do Made in Leeds have any plans to screen any classic YTV programming in its schedule?  My suggestion to keep it sports themed would be the classic Indoor League – I reckon it would have a cult following!

Made in Leeds – We’re speaking with the Yorkshire Film Archives and various production houses to acquire content that we feel compliments our channel’s brand values and engages our local audience. I agree with you on acquiring classic indoor league footage. If it comes within budget why not! Details of our schedule will be published a couple of weeks before launch in October.

Chris – Readers, if you’ve not seen ‘Indoor League’ – you can purchase Series 1 and 2 from Network DVD at the following address – it used to be shown on ESPN Classic before the channel folded, there’s several episodes on You Tube, trust me go and have a look J. Another question, will there be a Rugby themed show during the Super League season?

Made in Leeds – Yes we’re developing one in partnership with Rugby AM.

Chris – So where can readers find out more info about yourselves?

Made in Leeds

Chris – Couple more suggestions I passed onto Made in Leeds for programmes in its schedule were Couple more suggestions from our blog viewers for ‘archive’ programmes you could show:   Yorkshire TV football highlights shows:   Emmerdale Farm   Jimmy’s   Follyfoot

Made in Leeds is expected to start in October and will be available in the West Yorkshire area on Freeview Channel 8. A test transmission is now showing on this channel in preparation! I for one, will be tuned in – good luck Made in Leeds!


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