NOW TV Trial Day 2

So, I’ve tested You Tube out tonight – and I’m impressed.  Best thing to do is to sign in with your You Tube account, and if you have any playlists saved, they will automatically appear down the side.  (My advice would be if you plan to watch something – put it in a playlist beforehand, It is a bit of a pain using the search facility with the remote control, selecting individual letters one by one).  Having said that, before tea, I put on my Robert Palmer playlist, and was pleased with the streaming (no buffering, of course quality of clips depends on the upload source – remember that).

Been showing some friends tonight the Now TV box who came round – and when I said it was £9.99 they could not believe it.  I showed them the apps on there (full 4od, BBC Sport, etc) – ok, there’s no hard drive, but it’s impressing people…

My son made the most of it this morning watching ‘Thomas and Friends’ and ‘Noddy’, Demand 5 is excellent for its library of childrens shows.  Another update tomorrow!



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