NOW TV Trial – Days 4 and 5 (Sat/Sun)

Couple of thoughts over the weekend…  my father in law pointed out that the box is ok, but if you don’t have unlimited broadband allowance, then you would have to be a little careful in making sure you stay within your allowance.

I stayed in a Travelodge last night and originally I thought I may be able to take the Now TV box and connect it to the TV there.  But the hotel TV didn’t have a HDMI slot, so it wasn’t an option!  (As it happened, I’d been to a wine festival and dozed off halfway through the 2nd match on Match of the Day, and ended up spilling a cup of tea all over the bed sheets!).  No need for Now TV last night then!

Sunday afternoon now – used You Tube and Vevo this afternoon – my son is just watching some classic Thomas The Tank Engine episodes on a playlist I’ve put together in You Tube.

I love the box I personally think it’s easy to use, but I think about the WWUFS method (What Would Uncle Frank Say?!), and I think he would struggle with the box, and navigating his way around the apps, etc.

Sky Sports Weekly Passes do seem to be good value.  Yesterday we were in a bar in Manchester – one beer and a lime and soda during the Spurs/Arsenal game cost £5.40!  For just over a fiver more, I could have Sky Sports at home for a week!


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