NOW TV Trial Day 6 (Mon)

Monday 3:20pm.  Watching coverage of yesterday’s Premier League game on Sky Sports 1 between West Brom and Burnley – got two days left of my week Sky Sports pass, I’ll miss it when it’s gone!  Seven sports channels all a click away has been nice to have for this short spell – there are some critics online that comment on the fact that the Sky Sports channels aren’t in HD on Now TV, but so what?  Yeah, It would be nice, but picture seems good enough to me.  And there’s another live Premier League game on tonight too..

As for apps in the channel store, I’m hoping there will be more added to this in time.  There’s not many at the moment – no Netflix, and if you want to use Spotify you need to have a Premium subscription.

If you’d like to purchase a box visit and you’ll see a couple of options on there – including an option to buy an Entertainment bundle with your box (which includes 13 subscription channels off Sky), or there’s Sky Movies as an option too.


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