Now TV Trial 2015 Day 2 (Fri)

Saw a bit of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens live on Sky Sports this morning – but not made the most of the Sky Sports Week Pass today – today we did a spring clean once the kids were in bed – best time to do it, literally from 7pm till 11:20…  but very theraputic tidying up!

But the Now TV Entertainment Pass came in handy this afternoon. I bought a 3 month Entertainment Pass from Currys/PC World back in the middle of February for £15, so works out at £5 a month.  What do you get for that?

Catch up TV for 13 channels you could also find on Sky and Virgin.

You also get the ‘live feeds’ for these channels – the 13 channels at present are

ITV Encore

Sky 1

Sky Living

Sky Atlantic

Sky Arts

Nick Jnr

Disney Channel





Comedy Central and MTV

There are also lots and lots of box sets – particularly through the Sky Channels – couple of examples… there’s the entire back catalogue of The West Wing, 24, plus Sky home-grown comedies such as Trollied, Mount Pleasant, Stella…  Game on Thrones is on there too, if you want to catch up with proceedings before the new series starts next month (got to admit I tried watching it once – I couldn’t get into it!).

So, the Entertainment Pass came in handy today because my son wanted to watch his new Peppa Pig DVD we’d bought him from the shop this morning.  Got home and the blu-ray/DVD player wasn’t working at all.  But – don’t panic – there was episodes of Peppa Pig available to watch at the touch of a button – and he’d not seen them before!

Earlier in the week I used the Entertainment Pass to watch 2 new episodes of Modern Family – when we had Sky, this was a show we never missed, it’s in its sixth season now and it’s still funny.  With Now TV, we can either watch the new episode live or watch it on ‘catch-up’ without adverts.  The Entertainment section is really easy to use – there’s a ‘search’ facility to find particular shows, you can search by genre, and there’s even a section which tells you which shows are ending ‘on demand’ soon, so you know you need to watch them soon!

Keep the questions coming, hope you’re liking this week’s feature so far!  Remember to email them over to



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