Now TV Trial 2015 Day 3 (Sat)

Thought I’d tell you what apps you can find on the Now box – for starters, one of my favourites is Vevo.  For music videos, which have been legally uploaded by the artists representatives, you can find them here.  I say that bit, because there’s quite a few artists you won’t find, and with some artists, there’s only a handful of songs.  But, it’s still a really good service – you can create a Vevo account online and create your own playlists and then sync this with your Now box and leave the playlist running – I’ve done this before, quite good if you’ve got people coming round to play in the background.

The BBC Sport app is another of my favourites.  Most sports have their own individual section with the latest headlines and video clips.  There’s also a ‘Live Sport’ section – if there’s any live BBC Sport taking place today, you can get to it here.


The BBC Red Button channel through the aerial (Freeview Channel 601) doesn’t always have live sport when there’s an event (e.g when two events collide such a music event and a sports event they may choose to show the music event).  But through this app, all of the live sport will be available.  So, at Wimbledon I believe that was 10 live courts of action last year – plenty of choice.  To keep an eye at what’s on BBC Sport, keep an eye on this link –

Bought a new phone today – from Argos.  That’s relevant with what I’m about to write about.  My wife bought a new phone as well – and so, after buying a roll of wrapping paper to ensure we’d spent over £100, we got a £10 Argos voucher to spend on another transaction – happy days!

So, we decided to buy this…

It’s a Now TV Box with a 6 month Entertainment Pass, and at £34.99 it’s a bargain, no other word for it… but with our £10 voucher it’s a steal at £24.99.  So what are we going to do with it?

Firstly, when our Entertainment Pass expires in May, we will cancel it before the direct debit commences.  Then we will activate this new 6 month pass, meaning we’ll have a valid pass all paid for until the middle of November – how’s that?!

Secondly, to spread the word about Now TV, we have a box already so with this one we’re going to give it to one of our friends so they can see just how good it is – our good deed for the week!

There are various Now TV packages/boxes you can buy… these are just the ones from Argos but other retailers sell the boxes too.




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