NOW TV Trial (Day 4) (Sun)

Ok, so the week is going ok so far – I’ve talked about how simple the box is to use, I’ve mentioned some of the features and apps you can get, but talk about Sky Store for now.


Sky Store has a huge library of recent and classic titles to watch at the touch of a button; for example Interstellar is on Sky Store now, which was in UK cinemas from the 1st week in November.  Just about 4 and a half months on, you can watch it fro the comfort of your living room for just £4.49 – considering how much it costs to go to the cinema these days, I think that’s pretty good – by the time two of you go to watch a film at a multiplex and get popcorn and a drink you probably won’t have change out of £30  I’m old fashioned normally with films, I normally wait till three years till they arrive on terrestrial TV!  But Sky Store offers a pretty cheap solution which means I get to watch films 2 and a half years earlier than what I do now!  And for a lot of the titles on there, you can watch a trailer for free, to see if the film takes your fancy before you purchase it.


And of course if you miss them on Sky Store – well you can also purchase a Now TV Sky Movies Pass – currently one of their new releases is Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ which came out last August, so within 7 months of cinema release, it’s available on Sky Movies.  The NOW TV Movie Pass is currently £9.99 per month but at the moment there’s a 30 day free trial available for new customers – click here to find out more



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