NOW TV Trial (Day 5) (Mon)

All I feel like I’ve done tonight is end up on the telephone talking to various people, don’t know where the night has gone.  In the background though, I did have on Sky Sports 1 with it’s live Football League coverage and a very waterlogged pitch.  Then, at 31 minutes, whilst I was out of the room, something happened which had not happened before during the trial, the picture froze and the box was buffering, trying to retain the live picture – it didn’t happen and I gave up on the football.  This was not necessarily a Now TV error, it all depends on your broadband speed and the broadband speed in our area isn’t great – the faster your broadband, the more reliable a service you should have – as they say, you get what you pay for, and we don’t pay much to our provider, compared to many! Was hoping the new ‘All 4’ app would be active tonight, this has replaced 4 On Demand, but checked tonight and 4od was still on the Now box – i’ll look out for an update tomorrow.

Just a quick one to mention – but if you purchase any of the Now TV passes (e.g Movies, Entertainment or Sports), then you also get access to Sky Sports News as well – good little channel, I used to watch it regularly when it was on Freeview.



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