Next BT Showcase Free European Games Announced – for this week!

Next BT Showcase Free European Games Announced – for this week! 

Chris:  I enclose the full BT press release which I’ve just received, confirming one Champions League and one Europa League game will be shown free to air on BT Showcase this week.  More comments from me after the press release, please read on.



BT Sport has announced the next live UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League group stage matches that will be available for fans to watch on its Freeview BT Sport Showcase channel.

     The coverage kicks off on Matchday 1 with the Group E favourites Roma v Barcelona on Wednesday September 16 featuring the likes of Messi and Neymar, Totti and Dzeko.

     The first free UEFA Europa League live coverage on BT Sport Showcase will be Anderlecht v Monaco on Thursday September 17.

     Simon Green, head of BT Sport, said: “We have some really exciting games coming up on BT Sport Showcase both in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

     “We really hope fans will take this fantastic opportunity to watch on Freeview and enjoy some excellent European football action as a taster to our full and exclusively live coverage if they’re not already BT Sport customers.”

     BT Sport is the only place to watch all of the 351 exclusively live UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches, and will show at least 12 UEFA Champions League matches and 14 UEFA Europa League ties exclusively live on BT Sport Showcase, where customers can enjoy the action for free.

Roma v Barcelona



September 16

BT Sport Showcase & BT Sport Extra 1

Anderlect v Monaco



September 17

BT Sport Showcase & BT Sport 2

 Chris:  So no British teams featured in the free games this week – they are exclusive for this week to BT Sport Europe customers.  Three British teams still to be featured in both Champions and Europa league… and five more matchday rounds after this, so at least another four non-British games to be expected to my reckoning.  Again, short notice with the announcement of the matches – so if you know anyone who’ll want to watch them, spread the word, they’re not going to be advertised!  ITV’s highlights this week begin at 10pm on Wednesday – with a break for the news at 11, before the conclusion, with Europa League highlights after News at Ten on Thursday.


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