00-Heaven – 01: Dr. No

00-Heaven – 01: Dr. No

The following is taken from my diaries – the plan is to watch all of the official James Bond films before I go and see Spectre at the cinemas in November.  My idea for the season came about because, back in 1999 whilst I was at college, ITV screened every Bond film up to the network premiere of Tomorrow Never Dies – it was a big thing then… they weren’t screened as often as they are now (they seem to screened every few months on either ITV1 or ITV2 or ITV4…).  

On June 2nd 1999 at 8:30pm, ITV started their 00-Heaven season with ‘Dr No’.  I’m pretty sure I recorded the films during this season, but didn’t get round to watching most of the films.  I then ended up buying the collection on VHS, and still didn’t get around to watching them.  Since then, I bought them on DVD, sold them and bought them again – and it’s only now, in 2015 that I’m finally sitting down to watch them all!

Tuesday August 18th 2015:

Critique: ‘Dr No’

Finished ‘Dr No’ today, seen it before – but still really enjoyed it.

Connery’s opening scene in the casino is good, really sets up the character.

Ursula Andress another obvious highlight.  Film was made in 1962, but wasn’t shown on ITV until 1975 (28th October 1975 to be exact).  13 years after its cinema release!  However, that’s nothing compared to Gone With The Wind – which was released at the cinema in 1939… that didn’t receive its UK TV premiere until Christmas 1981!

Better late than never I guess – and these days, things a lot different.  Skyfall came out at the cinema on October 26th 2012, yet received its UK TV Premiere on Christmas Eve 2014, just 2 years and 3 months after release!



TV Times Dr No

There’s a good website below which has more information on the Bond films finally arriving on UK TV – worth a read:


Good story, the ending seemed a bit rushed perhaps?  From what I recall, I don’t think Ian Fleming liked it?

What I still need to do is get round to watching some of the Bond DVD extras – there’s plenty of them with each film.  Maybe later in the season I’ll go back and take a look at some of the documentaries and deleted scenes – for now, it’s just a good thing I’m finally watching the movies themselves!

I’d love to hear what you think as I watch these films – what are your thoughts on Dr. No?  Please comment below!  And come back to the blog – my review of From Russia with Love will follow!  James Bond Will Return!



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