00-Heaven – 02: From Russia With Love

00-Heaven – 02: From Russia With Love

Continuing my 00-Heaven season – I plan to watch all of the official James Bond films before I go and see Spectre at the cinemas in November!

One down, and if you count Spectre, that means 23 official films to go.  I don’t have David Niven’s ‘Casino Royale’ or Sean Connery’s ‘Never Say Never Again’ in my collection – if you don’t know already, these are NOT official Bond films.

I mentioned the ITV 1999 00-Heaven season yesterday – take a look at the link below which features some of the ITV trailers for that season, good nostalgia, you might just remember the ads…

A reminder that the below is taken from the diaries I keep… I’ve kept a diary since 2005.  Maybe I should print some of them one day 🙂

Thursday August 20th 2015:

Critique: ‘From Russia with Love’

Started ‘From Russia With Love’ – now I’ve seen bits of this film, I recall a sequence on a train, but it became clear quite early on tonight that I haven’t seen it all before?  There’s links to the first film – Dr No’s killing is mentioned, Bond in an early scene, is having a romantic moment with Sylvia Trench – who also appeared in Dr. No…  The story is more complex than Dr. No – I’m keeping up with it so far!

The film is notable for featuring the first appearance of ‘Q’, played by the late Desmond Llewelyn.  Brilliant character – and a great scene below from the film.

Trivia – ‘From Russia With Love’ premiered on UK TV, on ITV, on May 2nd 1976 at 7:55pm, 13 years after its cinema release.

What else was on ITV that night?

6:50pm – Stars on Sunday

7:25pm – Now Who Do You Do?

7:55pm – From Russia with Love

10:00pm – National News

BBC1 had The Onedin Line, a film of Moby Dick and That’s Life – remember that?!




Overall, I think it’s better than Dr. No – it’s a great spy movie – it’s got everything.  The train fight is brilliantly directed – it keeps you literally on the edge of your seat throughout.

I’d love to hear what you think as I watch these films – what are your thoughts on From Russia With Love?  Please comment below!  And come back to the blog – my review of Goldfinger will follow!  James Bond Will Return!



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