00-Heaven – 03: Goldfinger

00-Heaven – 03: Goldfinger

Continuing my 00-Heaven season – I plan to watch all of the official James Bond films before I go and see Spectre at the cinemas in November!

Sunday August 23rd 2015:

Critique: ‘Goldfinger’

Tonight… watched ‘Goldfinger’ in full!  I’ve seen most of it before – how can I not… there’s so many iconic moments (“Do you expect me to talk?” “No Mr Bond I expect you to die!”).  More action sequences – more far fetched, less of a ‘spy’ film but it’s still good 51 years after its release.  More gadgets… a brilliant theme tune from Shirley Bassey… My favourite so far?  Still fond of Dr. No – I think From Russia With Love a close second though.

I’d love to hear what you think as I watch these films – what are your thoughts on Goldfinger?  Please comment below!  And come back to the blog – my review of Thunderball will follow!  James Bond Will Return!

Also, let me know if you’re planning on watching Spectre – where/when you’re planning to watch it?  Are you going to a midnight showing on the opening night?  Are you not going to the cinema and waiting for it to come on DVD or TV?  Please get in touch!

Goldfinger premiered in UK cinemas on September 17th 1964 and was first shown on UK TV on November 3rd 1976, on ITV.

Goldfinger TV Times

What else was on ITV that night?

7:00pm – This Is Your Life

7:30pm – Coronation Street

8:00pm – Goldfinger

10:00pm – News at Ten

If you think ITV’s line up was good, BBC1’s wasn’t bad either.  Carry on Cowboy, followed by Softly Softly Task Force, and Last of the Summer Wine as well!



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