NOW TV Trial Day 2!

NOW TV Trial – Day 2

Hello – back for more with the Now TV Trial!  Take a look at the video below – recorded this evening…

Tonight, we look at BBC Iplayer.  Great app of course, with catch up available on a good percentage of programmes which have been shown recently on the BBC platform.

But it’s not just catch up TV available through Iplayer.  Coming soon – Frank Skinner will have an exclusive show on Iplayer… there’s also the BBC Four Collections.

From Bob’s Full House to Whicker’s World, the Collections are regularly expanding and selected episodes are free all of the time on BBC Iplayer.

As I mention in the video above, Iplayer is handy if you have Freeview because if you select S4C and ‘Watch Live’, you could watch ‘Sgorio’ – Welsh Football live on Saturday evenings, all for free.  There’s also access to football on the BBC Gaelic channel BBC Alba.

I also activated my Sky Movies Pass yesterday – watched a great 2014 film called St Vincent starring Bill Murray, and this morning with the kids we watched ‘The Toy Story That Time Forgot’ – a 20 minute short from the Toy Story series, which was quite good.  Picture quality on both, really good – no buffering, stream was superb.

Back for more tomorrow – hope you’re enjoying the trial so far.



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