NOW TV Trial – Days 4-8 (Mon Nov 2nd to Fri Nov 6th)

Monday (Day 4)

I did ask my better half if she fancied watching tonight’s ‘Modern Family’ on Sky1, but we ended up watching a repeat of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ and then ‘Sex on Trial’ on BBC3…

I have been using Vimeo today – a great app I’ve only started to use on Now TV recently.  Vimeo is home to lots of original videos – You Tube of course is probably the website/app we use as standard, but I’m slowly getting used to Vimeo.

Tuesday (Day 5)

2:00pm approx

I let my kids watch a Disney film during the afternoon – put on Toy Story using the Sky Movies Pass, and the film starts… then pauses, and buffers.

We try another film, Disney’s Planes.  10 minutes in, the same happens.  This time, the film has managed to continue though.


We give up with the film, I contact Now TV’s ‘Live Chat’ to mention the problems we’ve been having.

Suggestions: “Hard reset the NOW TV Box, insert paper clip or safety pin at the behind of the box and hold it for 10-15 seconds.”

In fairness, the operator wanted me to stay on ‘Live Chat’ and try various options, I was looking after the kids today, I didn’t have time for that – just wanted to give them some feedback.

Wednesday (Day 6)

Watched last week’s episode of Modern Family through the Now TV Entertainment Pass.  Modern Family is really good, now in its 7th season – and has only ever been shown on terrestrial TV in one spell so you may not have seen it (Season 1 was shown on Pick TV, but Pick never showed any more seasons).

Through the Now TV Entertainment Pass you can watch every single episode from the start right up to present date and mostly ad-free (e.g in the episode we watched on Wednesday there’s a very brief advert for Sky 1 half way through before the episode continues again).  Modern Family is just one of hundreds of boxsets available with the Pass – TV has changed, we want to ‘binge-watch’ and broadcasters are realising this.

After yesterday’s problems watching Planes and Toy Story, I can safely say that all is working fine today – no buffering, no pausing, Modern Family played without any interruptions.  Could well have been our broadband connection yesterday – we don’t have the fastest of broadband speeds…

Thursday (Day 7)

Watched a couple of bits through the You Tube app tonight.

1) I’ve been compiling a couple of Bradford City playlists for the last two seasons, with official highlights from each game, so I’m working my way through each match from last season at the moment.

The 2015/16 Bradford City Playlist I’m working on is right here, let me know what you think – maybe you think I should do one for your team!

2) My wife and I watched the new Lidl Christmas commercials (on You Tube there’s the 1 minute TV ad along with 9 other ads – the John Lewis Christmas commercial will be uploaded Friday morning from 8am so there’s obviously viewers on You Tube that advertisers can find).

You can find the Lidl ads right here:

Friday (Day 8)

ITV Player is available through the Now TV app – there is a good range of programming on there… but it’s not perhaps the easiest app to use.

Let’s take for example ‘George and Mildred’ (and why not, classic 1970’s sitcom currently being repeated again on ITV3).  If you select ‘George and Mildred’, the most recent episode will begin playing after the adverts have finished.  But how do you find an episode from earlier in the month?  You have to press play on the most recent episode, let the commercials finish… and then once the episode starts press pause.  You will then see an option to ‘View all episodes’ and play an earlier episode in the series.  On the ITV Player website, this is much easier to do and you can find all episodes from a series a lot faster.

Programmes on ITV Player seem to be more limited than on BBC Iplayer – maybe that’s just my perception.  But in recent months, ITV Player have tried a ‘First Look ‘offering (premiering Sheridan Smith drama Black Work on ITV Player before its showing on ITV).


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