NOW TV Trial – Days 9-15 (Sat-Fri)

Saturday (Day 9)

My wife and I start watching ‘Boyhood’ – a film we saw the trailer for a while ago.  At just under 2 hours 45 minutes, it’s certainly a long film, but pretty unique – shot over 12 years, so you actually see the cast get older.  We watched most of the film tonight, leaving an hour for us to watch hopefully tomorrow.  And, once again, after Tuesday’s problems trying to watch Toy Story and Planes, no streaming problems at all, more and more I do believe the issue was with our broadband provider.

We were trying to decide what film to watch, and noticed there’s a lot of archive films available at the touch of a button.  When I think Sky Movies, I think ‘new’ films, but they have films from years gone by too – all genres…  and remember all without commercials or interruption.  For £9.99 a month, that’s pretty good – I get so frustrated with films on commercial TV channels…  you get into a film, then BANG!  There comes the ad break.  And some movie channels have annoying logos permanently fixed in the corner of the screen – none of these on Sky Movies, just shown as the director intended.

Sunday (Day 10)

Tried an app called Happy Kids 2 today – this is a free app, which you can download via the Channel Store.  It’s great, my three year old son loved it today.  There’s videos of nursery rhymes he recognises and sings at playgroup, he can learn and build confidence with letters and numbers – there’s hours of stuff on there.

Thanks to James Taylor for the tweet who asked if Now TV currently has a subtitle facility.  As explained in the video above, unfortunately it’s a no… see the link below which confirms this:

The BBC Iplayer App has subtitles available but as of November 2015, no programmes on Now TV carry subtitles – if this changes, I will let you know right here on this blog!

Monday (Day 11)

Starting today, I have a trial of Sky Sports – so, if you have any questions about this or any other part of Now TV… keep them coming.

I activate a 24 Hour Sky Sports Pass during the evening, although it’s been my daughter’s 2nd birthday party today so I don’t get chance to watch anything before bed!

Tuesday (Day 12)

8:06am – I watch about 20 minutes of Sky Sports this morning whilst the kids are playing happily!  And literally, that’s all I get chance to watch with my 24 hour Sky Sports Pass – not really worth £6.99 today!  But that’s not Sky Sports’s fault, I’ve just been busy!  In the 20 minutes I saw, I watched some of last night’s Grand Slam of Darts as well as the World Golf Championship, which was quite entertaining.

There is one criticism of the midweek Sky Sports schedule – there’s not much on there.  Well, there is… there’s Sky Sports 1-5 and Sky Sports F1, but take the Grand Slam of Darts as an example, this is a live event, but Monday’s coverage (4 hours long) was repeated at least twice on Sky Sports channels on Tuesday before the next day’s coverage started!  Do Sky Sports need all the channels they have?  The answer to that is yes, at certain times, they do – but this seems to be a much quieter week for the viewer.  If you’re going to buy a £6.99 Day Pass, then you’re probably going to buy it at the weekend to watch the Premier League football.  And, if you activate the pass at 5:30 on a Saturday evening, you would get to see…

  1. The game at 5:30 on a Saturday shown live
  2. The game at 8pm shown delayed from earlier in the day
  3. 50 minutes of highlights from another 3pm Saturday fixture
  4. A Sunday lunchtime game from the Premier League
  5. Most of the 4pm Premier League Sunday game shown live – you’d miss the last 20 minutes or so if a day pass was started at 5:30pm Saturday.

Wednesday (Day 13)

A Now TV-free evening tonight, I watch ‘Class of ’92’, the BBC1 documentary from last week, and some of the Champion of Champions Snooker on ITV4.

Thursday (Day 14)

Whilst watching Jeff Lynne’s ELO in concert on BBC Red Button, I get in the mood to listen to some more music.  And that is where the Now TV box comes into its element.  You have a few choices:

  1. Vevo – Official music videos, all totally authorised and endorsed.  Good selection on here, some artists don’t feature, but excellent picture quality and if you create an account you can build up your own playlists to watch at your convenience.
  2. You Tube – We all know You Tube, you can find official and unofficial music material on there… and if you sign into You Tube using your Google account, you can synchronise playlists so there appear on your Now TV You Tube App interface.
  3. Spotify – Premium Spotify is available through the Now TV app, which means commercial-free music with no interruptions.  If you haven’t used Spotify yet, seriously it’s brilliant.  As with Vevo, some artists haven’t arrived on Spotify yet (don’t go expecting The Beatles to be on there!), but there’s plenty of full back catalogues on there from artists you will like.  My tip – try using ‘Free’ Spotify first on your PC, Laptop etc, see if you like it – it’s really easy to use.  If you like it, and don’t want the ads, then subscribe to Premium Spotify.

Friday (Day 15)

Thank you Channel 4 for ‘All 4’ – which out of the free-to-air catch up services, I think it’s the best by a mile.  There are hundreds of hours of archive programming on there, programmes going right back to Channel 4’s launch in 1982!

I’ve been watching Series 9 of Peep Show this week and Series 2 of Catastrophe.  Both shows are featured on All 4, as well as comedy classics such as Whose Line Is It Anyway, Drop The Dead Donkey and other Channel 4 favourites such as Location, Location, Location, One Born Every Minute…  all for free remember!  I’ve watched Peep Show Series 1-8 but as Series 9 is the last series, I might have to give the show another run once it’s finished.  And we’ve not seen Catastrophe Series 1 so All 4 means we can watch that…  And… Toast of London Series 3 starts on Channel 4 this week, again I’ve not seen Series 1-2 so I can use All 4 for this.  Seriously, there’s something for everyone on here.  Catch up programming as you’d expect from the last 30 days and plenty from the last 30 or so years along the way.  The app is really easy to use via the Now TV box – easy to find programmes, and next year there will be a choice of foreign language drama to watch at the touch of a button, with eventually 600 hours of drama there on All4 to choose from – the online selection will be titled ‘Walter Presents’ (see below)


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