00-Heaven: 04 – Thunderball

00-Heaven – 04: Thunderball

Continuing my 00-Heaven season – I plan to watch all of the official James Bond films before I go and see Spectre at the cinemas in November!  These reviews are taken from my actual diaries.

Friday August 28th 2015:

Critique: ‘Thunderball’

Finished watching ‘Thunderball’ this afternoon.  There’s one main problem with the film – it follows ‘Goldfinger’!  It would be hard for any film to follow.  I was reading about ‘Thunderball’ online after I’d watched it and one person had wrote one problem was the big fight sequence at the end which was underwater, it feels as if it’s in slow motion – I agree with that, then Bond gets out of the water, the pace changes and it just doesn’t flow.

Still, a cracking theme by Tom Jones, love ‘Q’s appearance in Nassau (he always steals the show Desmond Llewellyn).  Four films down, twenty to go!

Thunderball TV Times

Thunderball arrived in UK cinemas on 29th December 1965, but only received its UK television premiere on ITV on 26th February 1977.  What else was on ITV that day?

12:30pm – World of Sport.  Including Wrestling from Brent Town Hall.

5:05pm – News

5:15pm – The Six Million Dollar Man

6:15pm – New Faces

7:15pm – Celebrity Squares

8:00pm – Thunderball

10:25pm – News

10:40pm – Yes Honestly.  Sitcom.

Incidentally, BBC1 in comparison that evening had Jim’ll Fix It, Dr Who and Ronnie Corbett’s Saturday Special!




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