00-Heaven: 05 – You Only Live Twice

00-Heaven – 05: You Only Live Twice

Continuing my 00-Heaven season – I plan to watch all of the official James Bond films before I go and see Spectre at the cinemas in November!  These reviews are taken from my actual diaries.

Sunday August 30th 2015:

Started ‘You Only Live Twice’ last night… and tonight I finished watching it…  I didn’t know till watching it that the film screenplay was written by Roald Dahl?  I enjoyed it, it doesn’t have an in-depth plot – it’s fast paced action all the way.  Not sure why Bond had to get married in order to blend in, could he not just have hid somewhere?!  And how did he survive getting shot at the beginning of the film, it didn’t explain it!

You Only Live Twice was released in UK cinemas on June 12th 1967, and received it’s UK TV premiere on ITV on November 20th 1977.

On ITV that evening…

7:15pm – The Rag Trade.  Sitcom

7:45pm – You Only Live Twice

9:55pm – Sunday Drama – Blue Skies From Now On

10:55pm – News

BBC1 had Poldark and a film called ‘The Dark at the Top of the Stairs’….




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