MC Diary – Sundowner Middle Distance Tri 2015

Saturday September 5th 2015:


I stop and get petrol at Esso on the A650 (Tong St) before heading down the M62 towards Hull – with my ‘best of’ Robert Palmer CD entertaining me – it sounds so fresh that CD, even 20 years after I got it!  ‘She Makes My Day’, still my all time favourite.



Arrive at Allerthorpe Lakeside Park for the Sundowner Middle Distance Triathlon – first job was to announce winners of the Sprint event which started at 9:30.  Such a busy park – as well as the triathlon, there were plenty of families there, just enjoying the scenery and the fresh air – must remember to bring the family here…



I found a chair and placed myself near to the finish line – and started commentating to the growing crowd.  The triathlon was to take several hours for most competitors – during the ‘run’ and in the transition area though I was able to give entrants a shout out…  the team organising the ‘timing’ of the race kindly lent me a tablet -and basically once runners stepped over the timing mat on each lap, their names would appear on the tablet and I could read them out.  Clever or what?!  I love technology like that.

By the end, my voice was going, I’d given it my all!  I wanted to stay, looked like a great atmosphere in the marquee where the bar was as I left.  A live band had just started, and there had been a delicious hot buffet too.


Billy Joel’s ‘best of’ CD kept me awake during my drive back to Bradford – the sunset as I headed towards York was lovely, like someone had gone over the landscape with a red paint brush.  Got back at 9pm and poured myself a deserved whisky and finished off my wife’s Chinese take-away (in fairness there wasn’t much left!).

For more info on the Sundowner Middle Distance Tri and a whole host of other events to take part in (or even volunteer at!) visit

It’s never too late to do a triathlon – maybe make it your 2016 New Year’s Resolution!  Freebird organise some fantastic events throughout the year across Yorkshire.



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