BT Sport Champions League Coverage

Hello all,

Time for a feature on BT Sport’s Champions League coverage – we know that on Freeview we can see 12 UCL games each season, but what about the other 339?  They’re exclusive on BT Sport – and BT Sport were kind enough to let me have access to a matchday to assess the coverage for myself.

First of all, take a look at my video journal from my trial – it’s taken during Matchday 6 on Tuesday December 8th 2015 (we’d put the Christmas decorations up that afternoon!).  Let me know what you think of the video – I’ll write more below.

So, the game available on Freeview during Matchday 6 was PSV v CSKA Moscow – a crucial game for Manchester United fans, it featured the two other teams in their group.  Manchester United’s game was for BT TV customers only – a tricky away game at Wolfsburg.  But, wait there were eight LIVE games to choose from!  Eight?!  I imagine most will have been watching Manchester United try and avoid entering the Europa League, but there was also Sevilla’s 1-0 win against Juventus, Man City’s 4-2 win against Monchengladbach, Benfica’s 2-1 defeat against Athletico Madrid, Galatasary drawing 1-1 against Astana, Real Madrid beating Malmo 8-0 and Paris beating Shakhtar 2-0… and the PSV game which was on Freeview as well.  How do you pick which game to watch?!

BT’s trump card is the ‘Goals’ show available on BT Sport ESPN – which gives you the best of the action from all eight games – BBC does a similar kind of show with its FA Cup Final Score shows, when it can show the goals as they happen.

There are vast interactive options available – when watching on the BT Sport website you can go back to a moment earlier in the game… the stats are instantly available…  and picture quality was superb.  I was watching on my laptop, and the picure was really sharp.  I have an Amazon Fire tablet, but sadly the BT Sport App isn’t available on the Amazon Fire store yet – hope this will change soon.

So, still not too late to get involved with BT’s UCL and Europa League coverage – for BT’s latest deals and offers please take a look at I was impressed, have to admit.


December 2015


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