Freebird Events – Sign Up Today!

Hi all,

Well, it is the season to get fit and into shape, so maybe you need something to keep yourself motivated.  Well, take a ook at who are organising some great events this year – and best of all, you’ll find me at all of them!  What more could you want?!

So I’ve asked Freebird Events some more information for you – hope this helps…

Chris: So tell us what people can do if they want to join in with any of your events this year?

Freebird: The best way for anyone to sign up for any of our events is via the online entry form on our website

Chris: Great site! So is there a bit of info on each event?

Freebird: On the site there is a page for each event and here entrants can read about each event and view the route before completing the entry form and paying the entry fee online.

Chris: And what dates are your events for this year?

Freebird: Dates are as follows…

April 17th – Skipton Triathlon

May 22nd – Driffield Triathlon

June 19th – Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon

July 9th – Ripon Triathlon

August 7th – Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon

September 3rd – Sundowner Sprint Triathlon

Chris: What would you say are special about your events?

Freebird: We always try to promote the fact that our events have a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Chris: Can anyone take part?

Freebird: There are events for all ages and abilities. Our youngest competitors are aged just 8 (at the Driffield Junior Triathlon) and the oldest competitor we have had was 86 (and he completed the Skipton Triathlon with a big smile on his face). We have all distances from short Super Sprint races that can be completed in 30–40 mins right up to the Middle Distance Sundowner race that takes between 4½-8hrs to complete. Some of the shorter triathlons have the swim taking place in a swimming pool with the longer triathlons having a lake swim. Every year we welcome many first timers to our events and we are always happy to offer free advice to anyone wanting to take up the challenge of triathlon.

So, take a look at the website and if you do sign up for an event, get in touch, and look out for me on the day!




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