Europa League Final will be FREE!

Spread the word!

Liverpool v Sevilla, the Europa League final… will be FREE on BT Showcase, Freeview Channel 59 next Wednesday.  Spread the word, BT are unlikely to advertise the fact that it’s free!

Coverage on the channel for that night is shown below:

6pm – UEFA Europa League Magazine

6:30pm – UEFA Europa League Tonight

7pm – Europa League Final LIVE – Liverpool v Sevilla

Coverage is scheduled until 10:30pm, of course subject to extra time and penalties.  If you can’t see BT Showcase on Freeview Channel 59, then try re-tuning, and if you’re struggling, contact me via the blog, I’ll help you if I can!  Take a look at my BT Showcase page at the top of this site, which shows everything that’s been on BT Showcase so far – keep an eye on my blog for further updates.

So… tell your friends and family – share this on Facebook, Twitter, etc – tell your local pubs – let’s get a good audience on BT Showcase for the final!



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