Hello to Racing UK!

So, let’s say a warm welcome to Racing UK, which we’re going to start promoting and reviewing here at Sport on Freeview UK.  Racing UK is available on Freeview Channel 231 through TV’s which connect to the Internet (check for availability).

Channel 4 Racing are set to show 91 days of live Horse Racing coverage this year – and from next year, Channel 4 will pass over coverage to ITV.  So, from 2017, ITV will show a suggested 94 days of live coverage (with 34 days of those 94 being on its main channel and the remainder on ITV4).  But that leaves a lot of the year where there’s no coverage at all.  Racing UK has live action from 34 UK racecourses – all with in depth coverage and excellent commentary.

I’ll be doing a video review over the next few weeks – but right now, take a look at their website at http://www.racinguk.com/join – there’s plenty of ways to view, even if your Freeview TV doesn’t work with the service (Android App, Online on a Laptop or PC)…

If you’ve got any questions to ask Racing UK, please let me know too – we’d love your feedback.



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