Eurosport Player Help!

Hello all – one reader out there might be able to help.

I purchased a Chromecast last week off Ebay (a bargain at £17 including postage – ok, not the most recent model but it works!) – and have to say I’m really impressed with it, I’ve got some great apps working on there.  BT Sport for example, works brilliantly, as does Spotify and also BBC Iplayer Radio too.

I wanted to get Eurosport Player working on there – it’s meant to have official Chromecast functionality on it, but through my phone, when I log into my Eurosport account, there is no cast icon!?  The chromecast icon should appear on the right side, but not on my phone.  I’ve contacted Eurosport, they’ve kindly tested the app out at their side and can’t find a fault.  The phone I have is a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, but I’ve also tried my account my sister in law’s Samsung Galaxy 4 and my brother’s I Phone – both have no cast icon.


This is a shot from my phone – the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.  The ‘Cast’ icon should appear below the three dots on the right of the screen, but it doesn’t.

The shot below is from a Galaxy 4… again no cast icon on my account…


Screenshot_Chromecast on Samsung Galaxy S4.png

This is the screenshot above that the Support team at Eurosport sent – showing the ‘Cast’ icon appears in their tests.  Help!!!

I know there’s another way round it – I could cast the screen and audio with the Google Cast app, but the picture is very jerky, and would be much better if I could cast to the official Eurosport Player Chromecast function.

Other things I’ve tried: Deleting and reinstalling the Eurosport Player app on my phone – made no difference.  Even tried installing it on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, just in case it was a problem with my phone, but no cast icon appears.

Can anyone help?  I would love to be able to watch the French Open Tennis through my TV, choosing which court I want to watch, etc.  I know I can watch on my phone, laptop but if I can get it working through my TV, it would be brilliant.  Leave a comment below with any suggestions!

Maybe one of you has Eurosport Player but can cast already!  All comments welcome!



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