Racing UK Day Pass Available!

You may not know, but Racing UK is available via the Internet on Freeview, as well as other platforms (online, Android etc).  I contacted Racing UK though, as I’d heard a Day Pass is available, for those who just want to catch a particular racecard, and not commit to a full subscription.

Chris: So how does the Day Pass work?

Racing UK:  The Day Pass works much the same way as the regular Racing UK Anywhere subscription, but only opens up access to the channel until midnight at end of day of purchase (for a single payment of £10/€10).

Chris: Where can we watch the Day Pass? 

Racing UK: Customers can watch on Freeview and all compatible mobile devices via a single login (username and password). They can also watch via Sky, which is probably less applicable for you, but effectively customers just need to choose a Sky or a non-Sky Day Pass package and all other devices are enabled via single login.

Chris: Can I only watch on one platform with each pass?

Racing UK:  For Racing UK Anywhere subscriptions, customers choose any three devices (although you can pay a premium to access more devices).

Chris: Great!  How do we buy a Day Pass? 

Racing UK:  Day Passes are available to purchase online and via phone.


Phone: 0844 472 9900 (UK) or 0818 776 779 (ROI)

Many thanks to Racing UK for the information above.  Chris


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