The Lancashire Hotpots – A Fistful of Scratchcards Reviewed!

The Lancashire Hotpots – Reviewing A Fistful of Scratchcards


Last year, the Lancashire Hotpots released this classic album, so I thought I’d re-review it, whilst there was a quiet week before the Euros started.  It’s a great LP, 12 brilliant songs, all with a bit of a country theme.

The Hotpots have done some great albums since they formed almost 10 years ago – first album was ‘Never Mind the Hotpots’, then there was ‘Pot Sounds’, we’ve had a Christmas album, ‘Achtung Gravy’, ‘Criminal Record’, ‘A Hard Day’s Pint’ and ‘Crust for Life’.  And as well as the album, they are brilliant to watch live and tour regularly.

Track 1 – The Tay-barn Dance.  Brilliant opener, maybe you’ve never been to a Tay-Barn’s.  I haven’t, after this song, I feel like I’m missing out!  Basically, it’s to the tune of ‘Gay Bar’ – but all about an ‘All You Can Eat’ restaurant chain!  Go and listen!

Track 2 – Cheer Up Thom Yorke.  If you’re a Radiohead fan, it will be interesting to see whether you agree or disagree to the song’s sentiment, but it’s brilliantly done to the tune of Kenny Rogers’s ‘Lucille’.

Track 3 – Nan’s Blue Disabled Badge

Track 4 – I’m Every Bloke

Track 5 – In The Cloud – Internet storage brilliant described to the tune of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’.  I grew up with my Dad playing this song on the guitar, but all I want to sing now is “Your data’s in the cloud!”

Track 6 – Heartburn

Track 7 – Frozen Prison Blues.  Johnny Cash would love this one, all with a Folsom and San Quentin feel to it, but a rant about the latest Disney craze instead!  (I’m lucky, I’ve managed to avoid watching Frozen so far!).

Track 8 – Take Off Your Tabard.  A love song with the word ‘tabard’ in, I don’t think it’s ever been done!  Really, really funny.

Track 9 – The Day The Circus Came To Town (Johnny Cash Converter version).  This song has grown on me every time I’ve played the album.

Track 10 – Country Courtin’.  For me, it’s the funniest song on the album.  All about a lovely trip around the British Isles.  It could be interpreted otherwise perhaps 😉

Track 11 – Thirsty Thursday.  This is another great song; the words will instantly hit your head and you’ll be singing along.  Need an excuse to go to your local?  Look no further!  Why not?  It’s Wednesday!!

Track 12 – Talking To Calcutta.  Ever been frustrated by call centres?  So have the Hotpots – I’ll say no more…

And if you like this album, then the Hotpots have just released a new album called ‘Nowt Like the 80s’ – I will be reviewing it very soon, but it’s out now.

To find out more about The Lancashire Hotpots visit

Visit the Hotpots shop at



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