Sport on Freeview – Sat Aug 13th

Hello all – sorry for late update… interesting that Pick showed Soccer Saturday this afternoon at 3pm… it looks like it will be a one-off but will let you know if it’s a regular fixture.  I enjoyed BT Sport 1’s coverage of Manchester City v Sunderland this evening, via my Chromecast – no BT Showcase programming scheduled for this week, so looks like the first leg of Champions League play off games will be for BT subscribers only.

Saturday 13/08/2016 15:50 – 00:00 606 Olympics Tennis
  20:50 – 00:00 602 Olympics Boxing
  22:00 – 02:00 BBC4 Olympics Day Eight Including Football and Weightlifting
  22:10 – 23:55 BBC2 Olympics Day Eight Coverage continues
  22:30 – 23:55 BBC1 Football Match of the Day Including Hull City v Leicester City
  22:50 – 01:05 601 Olympics Men’s Quarter Final
  22:50 – 00:05 604 Olympics Basketball
  22:55 – 01:00 603 Olympics Weightlifting
  23:30 – 03:00 605 Olympics Badminton
  23:55 – 04:00 BBC1 Olympics Day Eight Athletics, Swimming and Football continue throughout the night.

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