Champions League/Europa League this year (Updated)

Hello all, so just a reminder of where you can see Champions League and Europa League games for FREE this year.  BT Showcase on Freeview Channel 59.  Take a look at my link at the top of the page – it will tell you everything that’s been on the channel so far.  The link now includes a spreadsheet – detailing everything that’s been on BT Showcase since the channel was launched in the summer of 2015.  Any questions for BT please let me know and I will ask them!

Champions League:

BT have to show 12 live Champions League games including the final, and each British team taking part has to be shown at least once. As I write on August 20th, that should mean five out of the six group games that they will show on the channel will feature British teams.  Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal are safe in the group stages, and Manchester City and Celtic got through the play-off round.  Leicester will play Club Brugge on BT Showcase on Wednesday September 14th.

Europa League:

BT have to show 14 live Europa League games including the final.  Manchester United and Southampton are safely through to the group stages.  So, 2 out of the 6 group games shown on BT Showcase will feature British teams.

So, out of a potential 12 group games in the Champions/Europa League, 7 of them will feature British teams.  Last season, BT Showcase didn’t screen British clubs on its free channel again until they had to – and that was when Liverpool reached the Europa League final.

Champions League group matches start on September 13th.  Chris



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