Lancashire Hotpots – Now’t Like The 80’s Album Review

Lancashire Hotpots – Nowt Like The 80’s


From time to time – as well as sport, I write up some music reviews too – here is one such review. Let me know what you think! Chris

You may have read my previous review for the last Lancashire Hotpots album, a country themed selection called ‘A Fistful of Scratchcards’ (have a look at the review, it’s in my archive posts)… well, now they’re back with an 80’s themed album and I’m here to give my thoughts on it.

There are some great tracks on this CD – Egg, Sausage, Chips and Beans is perhaps the catchiest tune on the album (and to the tune of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!). The tune will remind you of a Black Lace record, as it should, and you’ll still be singing it long after you’ve turned the record off. ‘It’s a Barmcake’ is another song in the vein of Black Lace, sounding very much like Agadoo – and just as catchy.

Another favourite of mine is ‘Don’t Put Your Nanna on the Internet’ which is a homage to the Chas and Dave ‘knees-up’ songs of the 80’s. I love Chas and Dave, and the Hotpots have done them proud with this.  You can tell that when the Hotpots are composing the tracks, that they really get down and listen to what the original songs sound like before “re-creating” them in their tracks.

‘Lancashire’s For Me’ is a great track too – look out for the video to this song on You Tube, which has Teletext images throughout the song to go with the lyrics. I miss Teletext, it’s all very well having the internet, but for years, we had Oracle and Ceefax, and we got by!

Dibnah, the final track, is a tribute to Bolton steeplejack Fred Dibnah and is poignant and really well constructed.  Where the other songs on the album provide amusement, Dibnah ends the album like no other Hotpots album before it.

Track Listing:

1. Last Can Blues

2. Do The Dad Dance

3. Egg, Sausage, Chips & Beans

4. Don’t Make the Polar Bears Cry

5. 6784

6. Black Friday

7. My Pianist

8. Fussy eater

9. It’s A Barmcake

10. Lancashire’s For Me

11. Stop In The Name Of Fudge

12. Dibnah (Album Version)

Give it a listen – buy it now at the official Lancashire Hotpots store



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