Vinyl Revival – Tony Bennett and Count Basie

Tony Bennett and Count Basie LP

This is a 1969 re-release of a 1959 album called ‘Strike Up The Band’, all of the original songs are there, but they’ve just been mixed up in a different order! It’s only 27 minutes in duration, but this is a truly amazing record.  Bennett works brilliantly with Basie’s big band…  with eleven tracks that are polished, and brilliantly performed.

If you’ve only heard Bennett’s big hits (‘I Left My Heart In San Francisco’), then this is worth a listen to expand your Bennett experience.   Bennett and Basie recorded two albums together in 1959 – this was released on Basie’s label and ‘In Person’ was released by Bennett’s record label, not a bad arrangement at all, I think I will have to track that album down too…  I know already that this album is going to get plenty of time on my vinyl player – thanks to my brother Phil Benson, who found it in a charity shop in Culcheth!


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