Vinyl Revival – OMD Access All Areas

OMD – Access All Areas Vinyl Review

Thanks to Demon Records for sending this LP to review – I believe this is a concert from 1980 – recorded between the release of the band’s first two albums. It’s a short album, at just 22 minutes long!  Seven songs in total on the album – ‘Enola Gay’ is the populist song that will stand out, but I also like ‘Messages’, which I heard recently on BBC4’s repeats of ‘Top of the Pops’.  As for the quality – it’s a live recording of a 35 year old concert and bear that in mind, with live concert recordings recorded in 2016 there is obviously better equipment available.  The music does sound good, vocals not as polished as the studio recordings I’ve heard, but I did enjoy this concert.

I was 9 years old when I can remember not only hearing OMD for the first time, but seeing them perform in front of my very eyes! I was in the studio audience for BBC1 Saturday morning show ‘The 8:15 From Manchester’ in 1991 – and OMD performed two songs in the studio at Oxford Road, Manchester.  ‘Sailing on the Seven Seas’ was one of them, but the one that stayed with me was ‘Pandora’s Box’, both from their album of that year, Sugar Tax.  (‘Pandora’s Box’ still makes my hairs stand on end when I hear it even now).  But, even after that experience of seeing OMD, I didn’t go and delve into their back catalogue.  Only now, am I starting to do so.  ‘Souvenir’ is a song I’ve also discovered recently, how did it take me so long?!  Need to find Architecture and Morality on vinyl…


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