Morecambe and Wise – Back for Christmas!

Bringing us sunshine once again, there’s a brilliant CD to add to your list for Father Christmas this year.


Eric and Ernie’s first Christmas Special on the BBC was in 1969 – and they continued to be a massive Christmas ratings hit on the BBC up to and including 1977 – when, they took everyone by surprise and joined Thames Television, and unfortunately their success was not quite replicated.  I’ve always been a big fan – so much that my eldest son is named after Mr Morecambe!

This new BBC Audio complation features 2 CD’s worth of some of their finest Christmas moments on the BBC between 1969 and 1975 – (over 90 minutes of entertanment), great for those journeys traveling to friends and family over the festive season.  I listened to this at the weekend, and I could easily listen to it again – one of those CD’s that you’d hear different things to amuse you each time.

Released on November 10th – guests included in this compilation are Eric Porter, Fenella Fielding, Peter Cushing and Des O’Connor.

There’s some great sketches.  There’s Ernie’s play Victoria and Albert, with guest Glenda Jackson – the chemistry between the three is just brilliant.

My favourite on the CD has to be the classic Grieg’s Piano Concerto with Eric as soloist, conducted by Mr André Previn/Preview (which is just as funny despite not having the visuals to look at from the Christmas special).  The sketch is timeless – they’ll still be laughing at it when I’m long gone!  Theres also Eric’s appearance at the flat with a giant Christmas tree taken from Trafalgar Square (‘we were very lucky, there was only one left’).

The CD also has one of my favourite Morecambe and Wise which is quite often forgotten about – ‘Following You Around’.  Everyone remembers them for singing ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ at the end of their episodes throughout their BBC run, but on the odd occasion, they sang ‘Following You Around’ – it’s a great number.

Looks like this was originally released by the BBC back in 2003 and has been repackaged – still great fun.  If you’re new to Eric and Ernie, then this is a good place to start.  Sadly you don’t see any repeats of their TV shows nowadays – DVD’s are available, but digital channels have sadly neglected them.


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