Vinyl Review – Pipes of Peace


Paul McCartney – Pipes of Peace

By Chris Benson

I’ve literally picked up this album again (off Ebay) and it’s a cracker.  A special edition has been released on vinyl in recent years, but this is the original 1983 version, without any bonus tracks.

I first heard the album eleven years ago after my good friend Craig recommended it to me.  The LP starts with the title track ‘Pipes of Peace’ (a great Christmas song, often forgotten about), then into the first McCartney/Jackson duet on the record (‘Say Say Say’) which entered the singles charts.  For the record, I prefer their other duet, on Side B – ‘The Man’… the two of course reunited to sing ‘The Girl is Mine’ on Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album.

‘Keep Under Cover’ is another great tune – again confined to an album where only the privileged few will discover it.  ‘Average Person’ another of my favourites.

I can’t believe this album is 33 years old – but, it is!  It wasn’t to everyone’s taste at the time of release – Rolling Stone Magazine gave it just 2 out of 5, but that’s harsh.  McCartney’s trying different styles with this album, it doesn’t feel like an album that’s just ticking boxes and going through the motions.

Now, time to look for more vintage McCartney on Ebay me thinks… I wouldn’t mind picking up ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ for example – that’s another great album from McCartney’s solo catalogue.




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