Vinyl Review – Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash – Access All Areas

The twin lead guitar sound of Wishbone Ash influenced bands from Thin Lizzy to Iron Maiden and 

beyond, their third album ‘Argus’ a Seventies classic. The year of 1987 saw a reunion of the original 

Ash lineup and this 20th anniversary concert was staged at the Colston Hall, Bristol, two years later. 

Drummer Steve Upton, bassist Martin Turner and guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell attack a 

mix of well loved early tracks and new material with equal panache, celebrating the first 

20 years of a British rock institution that continues today.

Vinyl Track Listing:

  1. Real Guitars Have Wings
  2. The King Will Come
  3. Why Don’t We
  4. Blowin’ Free
  5. Blind Eye
  6. Lady Whiskey
  7. Sometime World
  8. Phoenix
  9. Jailbait

The vinyl records, released by Demon Records has nine tracks; the CD has eleven tracks (Cosmic Jazz and Keeper of the Light are missing from the vinyl version).

There is also the original video footage of this concert available to watch on You Tube – this has been uploaded by Demon Music Group and is 51 minutes long in total, originally recorded for transmission on ITV circa 1989.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard any Wishbone Ash previously and I wasn’t expecting to like this album.  How wrong I was.  Phoenix was one of my favourites – but a short track, could have been so much longer.  Blowin’ Free and ‘Why Don’t We’ are really strong, lively numbers – these stand out for me.  Guitars sound fantastic on the recording – it’s a record to turn the volume up for!

Having heard this live concert, I’m going to have to try some of Wishbone Ash’s studio catalogue, it might sound completely different and I might not like that, but this concert is strong enough to make me want to hear more.

I played this LP on a cold November Friday afternoon – my 3 year daughter loved it too, dancing around, rocking away throughout!  See Chris, you may be 34, but plenty still to discover out there.

My LP of Wishbone Ash – Access All Areas was complimentary but all views are my own.



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