Saint Germont Premium French Vodka – Aldi

Hello all – back with another booze review in the run up to the festive season.  The Glen Marnoch whisky feature has been so popular that a follow-up was inevitable.

So, here I am – a cold Wednesday evening, watching Big Bash cricket on BT Showcase.  Time to try Aldi’s Saint Germont ‘Premium French Vodka’.

Aldi tell me  “…the vodka has been made with premium French wheat and distilled five times to deliver the ultimate smooth, rounded taste, and a balanced sweetness”.


I take a sniff into my glass – and there’s so many aromas.  The first note – it’s not a bland vodka like numerous ones available in the supermarkets, etc… there’s many flavours fighting to escape!  Taste test now – it’s warming, smooth and goes down nicely.

It’s the first time, for a long time, that I’ve enjoyed drinking neat vodka, I normally appreciate the drink with a mixer but this was enjoyable entirely on its own, and that’s how I would recommend you to drink it.  The Aldi website hints I should detect citrus and vanilla flavours – could I detect them?  No.  I could certainly detect the vanilla, and also maybe a hint of aniseed – and there’s plenty to appreciate with the tasting even after a few sips.

At £15.99 a bottle, it’s available nationwide, and is an ideal present for Christmas.  Value for money – catch it while you can!  For more information, visit

The sample of Saint Germont Premium French Vodka was complimentary but all views are my own.


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