Till Death Us Do Part – DVD Review

Alf Garnett is back!  Warren Mitchell starring as one of British Comedy’s most memorable roles.

An 8 DVD set, with all of the surviving black and white episodes of ‘Till Death Us Do Part’, as well as all of the colour episodes.  A controversial show, but any fan of 60’s and 70’s television it will be interesting that the show is finally commercially released.  What can we expect inside the box set from Network DVD?


Disc 1

Features the first episode ‘Arguments, Arguments’ from June 6th 1966 – the picture quality looks superb, you can see the restoration work that’s gone into this box set straight away.  Six episodes in total on this first disc, taking us well into the second series.  More on the lost episodes later.


Disc 2

Disc 2 features an interesting episode called ‘Aunt Maud’.  The first four minutes only exist in audio format , so Network have added stills for the opening four minutes, before going into the surviving footage of the episode- brilliant!  ‘Alf’s Dilemma’ is another episode in the boxset which has been recreated in the same fashion – that episode has nine minutes of footage missing.



Disc 3 

Features 14 MP3 audio recordings, and scripts for the missing monochrome episodes.  Brilliant of Network to include these episodes in the best available way, rather than not at all.


Disc 4… And we’re into ‘To Garnett a Grandson’, the earliest surviving colour episode from 1972.  There’s 27 colour episodes in total in this boxset (54 episodes were made in total between 1966 and 1975).


Disc 5 and 6 – the colour episodes continue, in the order originally transmitted.


Disc 7 features more episodes from 1975, up to and including ‘Drunk In Charge of a Bicycle’ in Series 7.  Disc 8 has the final three episodes of Series 7 to round this boxset off.


There’s only two episodes which don’t feature in this boxset – the pilot episode and the 1970 Election Special – apart from that, there’s plenty of Alf Garnett here to go through.

Times have changed, and viewers may well be offended by some of the language heard here, but it’s part of our sitcom history which does deserve to be available once again.

You can purchase the series right here – http://networkonair.com/shop/2574-till-death-us-do-part–5027626459741.html

Well done Network!




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