Rick Astley Is Back!

Rick Astley is back – with a brand new album! Titled ‘50’, it’s a cracker – I’ve been lucky enough to be able to listen to it recently.




When Rick Astley first hit the charts, I was just 5 or 6 – and to be honest, missed out on ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and the other Stock, Aitken and Waterman hits the first time around (my first ever record that I bought was Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, just a few months after Astley had been number one).

Rick dominated the charts… but I only discovered his music about fifteen years ago… when I found a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation had been released. Not only did I hear Astley’s 80’s gems, but also some of his 90’s work which is really good and sadly doesn’t tend to get much airplay (‘Never Knew Love’ is a great feel good song that deserves recognition).
Anyway, coming to present day and Astley is back, not only with a new album but a massive worldwide tour to go with it too.


‘Keep Singing’ was the first single to be released, and it’s the first track on this album.  It’s a superb track to start things off, and you can see why it was picked as a single to get media attention to the rest of the tracks.  I like ‘Angels on My Side’, which was the second single to be released – then again, the quality continues to be good for the remaining ten tracks.  It’s a credit to Astley, and for me, it’s his best work to date.  I can only hope that we’ll get another album soon – it’s left me wanting to hear more!  Chris


Track Listing:

Keep Singing

Angels on My Side

Wish Away

This Old House



I Like The Sun

Somebody Loves Me

Let It Rain

Pray With Me

Coming Home Tonight

Let It Be Tonight


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