Lindsey Davies Comedian Profile

Time now to profile a comedian who is based not far away from where I grew up – I saw an article or two about Lindsey Davies in my Mum and Dad’s local papers (incidentally I did school work experience at the Leigh Reporter back in 1997, happy days!).  One such article is here, from the Manchester Evening News of all places.  Read it here –

So, I thought it would be nice to interview Lindsey for the blog here…  we start by asking Lindsey more information about ‘Mr Wrong’, her first novel which was published a couple of years ago.


Picture Courtesy of Lindsey Davies



So Lindsey, how long did it take you to write your first book?



The first book was intermittent. Started it after a break-up in 2007 and left it for five years. When I picked it up again it was written in three months.



Ok… do you have any tips for budding authors?



Tips for budding authors? Well, I’d say put it on paper and see where it takes you. All you need is an idea, characters, beginning middle and end. Of course, spell-check is essential. Oh, and patience. Definitely patience. I find a glass of wine/gin helps deal with the stress of writer’s block.



Like the sound of wine to go with writing – must try that!  Next… what can readers expect to see when they are you at a stand up gig?



My stand up gigs are definitely adult only and my set is generally based around where I live, my mother, children and my terrible dating record. It’s a mixture of gags, crass comments and observational, sometimes alternative humour.



Sounds good.  Who makes you laugh?



Ok, growing up I was heavily influenced by Rik Mayall and my favourite comedians today are Ricky Gervais and Stewart Lee. There are also acts on the circuit who make me cry with laughter, such as Steve Harris and Sam Harland. Also too many to mention.



Rik Mayall was a legend – sorely missed.  Me and my family would laugh our heads off hysterically at ‘Bottom’ every single week, over and over again.  So where can people are you perform stand up over the coming weeks and months?



I’ve got a big gig coming up at the Laurel and Hardy museum in Ulverston and hosted a comedy night in Dec at The Albion in Warrington. Just finished an amazing gig on the P&O Ferry to Amsterdam – my favourite weekend thus far.
You can see Lindsey perform live at the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool on February 27th – check out here for more information, well worth a look

And, you can purchase Lindsey’s first book, ‘Mr Wrong’ right here from Amazon –





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