The Cocktail Hour! (Part 1)

Hello all, back with another review of Aldi’s finest.  Over three articles, I’ll be giving you a taster of some cocktails you can make, using products available throughout their stores.  I’m also recording a video during the process – look out for it on You Tube soon!

Tonight, I’m enjoying the Welsh Open Snooker on Eurosport, whilst having a ‘Nolan’.  (Not one of the singers from ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’, just to clarify!).


You may have heard of Gin and Orange… but try it with a dash of Rum!  Follow the instructions below, and give it a try yourself, let me know how you get on, comment below!


What do you need to make a Nolan Cocktail?

30ml Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin (available from Aldi stores)

15ml Old Hopking White Rum (available from Aldi stores)

Orange Juice

That’s it.  Three ingredients – all going into a tall glass.  I used a measuring jug to be precise with the measurements, but be as generous with the gin and rum as you wish!  Gin and rum in, and fill the glass with nicely chilled fresh orange juice.  Easy drink – happy days 🙂

Verdict on the Nolan Cocktail…

It really is refreshing, a fruity drink, with a delicate kick to it!  And before you know, your glass is empty!  And both the gin and the rum are available to buy at just less than £10 each, compare that the prices of other leading brands (e.g Havana Club Rum Anejo 3 Year Old is almost twice the price as of Feb 13th 2017!).

I’m not a gin drinker, but this was a great way to try it – and I’d certainly make myself one of these cocktails again.  Remember that this was the Aldi gin that two years ago, was award winning!  The Oliver Cromwell Dry Gin was voted top drink by judges at the International Spirits Challenge – even beating a premium bottle of Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve Gin for £70!

My advice would be to make a large jug for parties – it would go down superbly.  I give it a good 8 out of 10, and our friend Sarah who has tried the Nolan cocktail with me tonight, gave it an outstanding 9 out of 10!


Look out for Part 2 – coming soon!  Right here on – the Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin and Old Hopking White Rum were complimentary but all views are my own.


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