Graham Nash – This Path Tonight Review

Graham Nash – This Path Tonight
Graham Nash is now 75… formerly a member of The Hollies and Crosby, Stills and Nash. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nash has just released his first studio album in fourteen years (his last album was in 2002 with ‘Songs for Survivors’).


I came across Graham Nash recently on Freeview channel Vintage TV. He was a guest on Vintage TV’s ‘The Friday Night Rock Show’ and was promoting his new album ‘This Path Tonight’, with an interview as well as some very impressive acoustic performances too – it left me wanting to hear the album in full.
Ten tracks in total – starting off with the title track ‘This Path Tonight’ which is a brilliant start to the record. The album is 42 minutes in total. Another favourite of mine is ‘Myself at Last’, with amazing lyrics and a brilliant acoustic sound. ‘Cracks in the City’ is another gem on this record.

Great to hear Nash come back into the limelight to record this.  The songs sound meaningful – Nash clearly still has something to say.  I hope we will get to get another work in the near future.  Chris

This Path Tonight
Myself at Last
Cracks in the City
Beneath The Waves
Fire Down Below
Another Broken Heart
Golden Days
Back Home


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