Aldi Pinot Noir Put to the Test!

Time for another Aldi review – and this time I had two Pinot Noir offerings…  and what better occasion to try them, than my son Arthur’s first birthday?  Why the heck not?!

I first became aware of Pinot Noir back in 2005/2006 – when me, and my good friends Craig Whitfield and Alan Travers discovered a Romanian offering called ‘Prahova Valley’.  It was superb – ignore the fact that it was always one of the cheapest in store at Asda, it was fantastic.  Sadly, the wines from Prahova Valley have long disapperared from the supermarkets – Waitrose appearently sell a Romanian Pinot Noir online, but I’ve yet to see whether this compares to my old favourite.

Now, back to 2017 for the Aldi Pinot Noir selection.

Firstly, as well as myself I have to politely thank my father in law John, and also my sister in law Sarah for helping me sample these, and like my previous review of the Glen Marnoch whiskies (please check it out, well worth a look!), we have rated the wines out of 10, putting all our individual thoughts about the drink together as one score.

First up was the Aldi New Zealand ‘Exquisite Collection’ Pinot Noir, priced at just £6.99.  It’s 13% ABV and is described as “medium to full bodied” on Aldi’s website, I thought it was quite light.  Aldi say it’s “…Beautifully fragrant with ripe cherries, fleshy raspberries, and red-fruited plum flavours.”  This wine was John’s favourite – and overall, between the three of us, it scored 20 out of 30.  (Picture below courtesy of Aldi).


Next up was the Vignobles Roussellet Pinot Noir, priced at just £4.49 a bottle.  I thought this was heavier than the New Zealand offering, certainly darker in appearance.  And… I genuinely loved it, really fruity, scoring it a staggering 9 out of 10.  Aldi say “…this French Pinot Noir has rich red fruit aromas and lush berry flavours.”   And… like the New Zealand offering, between the three of us, it also scored 20 out of 30!  We have a draw people!




What do you do when it’s a draw?  In football, they’d decide the winner with a penalty shoot out!  Anyway, let me know if you try either of these – but for me, I’d certainly go and hunt down the Vignobles Roussellet.  At £4.49, how can you possibly leave it on the shelf?




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