Status Quo – Back on Vinyl (Part 3)

You may have seen Parts 1 and 2 of our Status Quo vinyl reviews – here’s a chance to take a look at Part 3.  Look out for more vinyl reviews right here – as well as the usual sport etc, all on

The Party Ain’t Over Yet Vinyl Review

2005… and Status Quo hit the cobbles of the infamous Coronation Street!  All around the time of the release of ‘The Party Ain’t Over Yet’, Quo’s 27th studio album, now available in a fantastic 2 LP set from Demon Records, with brilliant yellow discs which look great.


‘The Party Ain’t Over Yet’ is the first track, and one of the singles from the LP, and it had a great run in the UK charts, reaching number 11!  I like it, it’s classic Quo, as is Track 2, ‘Gotta Get Up and Go’.  One of my other favourites from LP1 is ‘Bellavista Man’.  ‘All That Counts is Love’ was the second single from the album, reaching number 29 in the charts and is also on LP1.

Twelve years on, the album sounds even better than on its first release.  I perhaps didn’t give it the respect it deserved and was perhaps critical when the album first came out, but those opinions were unfair.  I think the main reason for that was because I was comparing the album to Quo’s 2002 release ‘Heavy Traffic’ – which for me, is up there as one of their best.  And, with any film or book sequel, or television follow-on, it’s human nature to draw comparisons.

Side 2 on LP1 is an absolute cracker.  Rick Parfitt stands out on vocals on ‘Familiar Blues’ and ‘Bellavista Man’.  There may be only 3-4 tracks per side, so a lot of getting up to turn over the record – but the sound quality on this Demon vinyl release makes this worthwhile, it’s outstanding.

Track Listing:

The Party Ain’t Over Yet (Vinyl) – Demon Music Group


  1. The Party Ain’t Over Yet
  2. Gotta Get Up And Go
  3. All That Counts Is Love
  4. Familiar Blues
  5. The Bubble
  6. Bellavista Man


  1. Nevashooda
  2. Velvet Train
  3. Goodbye Baby
  4. You Never Stop
  5. Kick Me When I’m Down
  6. Cupid Stupid
  7. This Is Me



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