BT Showcase – So What Now? (Updated 09.05.17)

BT Showcase was on Freeview Channel 59, but what about the future?  Well, from May 9th, the channel will move to Freeview Channel 115 – and will be in HD.  Unfortunately it will mean that unless you can receive Freeview HD channels (e.g BBC One on 101), then you won’t be able to find BT Showcase in its new location.  Channel 59 may well be sold now to another broadcaster – we shall see…  I feel sorry for my Uncle Frank; he loved watching the Champions and Europa League games, but I rang him this morning and we’ve checked – he won’t be able to receive BT Showcase anymore.

I think 115 will be a cheaper slot for BT – can anyone confirm this?  It only reaches approximately 75% of the population.  

Here are merely my predictions for the channel – let me know what you think.  Please comment below.  

BT Showcase Schedule Updated 06.05.17

Take a look at the spreadsheet above – detailing everything that’s been shown on the channel.

In its first year, BT Showcase broadcast over 112 hours of programming, and this season there has been over 222 hours of programming so far. So, let’s be grateful for that – the more sport on Freeview, the better for everyone!  Chris


European Football

In this statement, BT said “BT will enhance its social media coverage to reach new audiences, by making clips, weekly highlights, UEFA’s magazine show, and both finals available for free on social media. BT streamed both finals last year on YouTube for the first time, taking the number of people who watched BT’s live coverage of the finals to more than twelve million.  The company will also seek to bring the best of the action to its large mobile customer base.”  In my opinion, I think the 14 Europa League games will be shown next season, and the 12 Champions League games will be shown, as required for the last year of the current contract… but from the 2018/19 season we will see highlights via BT Sport’s You Tube Channel and the 2 finals streamed live on there too.

Aviva Premiership Rugby

As reported on my blog this week, Channel 5 have picked up five live games a season, for the next four years, plus weekly highlights.  BT Showcase currently shows nine live games a season, but these are often not mentioned in TV listings.  I have contacted the BT newsroom to see if the nine games will continue on BT Showcase, I guess they won’t, but as of yet I haven’t received a reply.

Big Bash Cricket

BT won a free-to-air package for the Australian Big Bash Cricket League, which started in 2016 and will run for five years.

The article says “BT Sport has also acquired a free-to-air rights package that includes daily highlights of international matches and the Big Bash League, as well as one Big Bash League ‘match of the round’ broadcast live and free each week.”

BT sold the selection of free live games to Channel 5, and broadcast the daily highlights on BT Showcase.  What could happen to these highlights?  With Champions and Europa League continuing for at least another season, I predict the 2017 Big Bash League highlights will remain on BT Showcase.  As for 2018-2020, could these be sold to Channel 5 and perhaps shown on Spike- which is a channel which shows wrestling, boxing, etc?

Other Programming

BT Sport Score is a bonus that we get to see on Saturday – as are the occasion WTA Tennis finals and previews of AMC dramas.  For me, I would have loved to have seen Vanarama Football highlights on the channel – these are made available on BT’s You Tube site, so why can’t they be scheduled in on Freeview, to attract even more people to the National League?

Freeview platforms are expensive – and with no necessary programming on the channel, the space could easily be sold to another broadcaster – the channel currently has broadcast space from 12noon each day.


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