Man United Europa League Final LIVE on FREEVIEW!

Spread the word – bookmark this page, we have 12 days to tell everyone!

Manchester United v Ajax will be FREE and LIVE on Freeview – BT Showcase, Channel 115… the 2017 Europa League Final.

Coverage starts at 7pm, and is scheduled to end at 10:30pm.  And, best of all it will be in glorious high definition.

Quick Test

Now, do a check on your Freeview TV.  If you can’t see BBC One HD on 101, then you won’t be able to see BT Showcase on 115.  If you can see BBC One HD but can’t see BT Showcase on 115, try doing a rescan – the channel only appeared this week!  It has moved from Freeview Channel 59 – basically 90% of the population used to be able to receive the channel, now only 75% of the country will be able to view it.

I can’t see BT Showcase – What Can I Do?

If you still can’t see BT Showcase on Channel 115 – then it means your TV isn’t Freeview HD compatiable.  The solution could be to purchase a Freeview HD set top box.

What channels can I receive where I live?

There’s several channels available once you have one of these Freeview HD boxes, or a Freeview HD tv.  But, you may not be able to receive them, depending on where you live.  Check out – this will tell you, before you buy any necessary equipment!

Links to several are here via Amazon -

Any questions, please drop me a comment below and I will try and help!  Remember, spread the word – send them a link to this page!  Chris



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