Classic ITV Drama Comes to Talking Pictures TV!

Great news that Talking Pictures TV (Freeview Channel 81) are to repeat the Granada Television classic ‘A Family At War’, starting Sunday June 11th at 6pm.  The show ran for 52 episodes, and each episode will be shown twice – Sundays and Wednesdays, so two opportunities to catch the show.


I grew up in Granadaland – and as an eight year old, was lucky enough to walk inside the infamous Granada Studios on Quay Street Manchester to have an audition for ‘Children’s Ward’!  But, I didn’t get on the show 😦

So, with ‘A Family at War’ coming, it got me thinking.  What other shows from the ITV archive would I like to see repeated on Talking Pictures TV?  And, please, comment below with your suggestions – the more, the merrier!

  1. The Beiderbecke Trilogy – Starring James Bolam and Barbara Flynn, this was made by Yorkshire Television and I was too young to catch the show first time around.
  2. The Army Game – a long-running comedy series made by Granada in the late 50’s and early 60’s and starring William Hartnell who went on to become the first ‘Doctor Who’ in 1963.
  3. Coronation Street’ – I think it would be great to see early episodes of this.  I remember as a 14 year old catching repeats from 1976 onwards on satellite channel Granada Plus and I was hooked.  Granada Plus became ITV3 in 2004 and the Coronation Street repeats ceased.  I’m not fussed to see episodes from the 90’s and 00’s… just the first couple of decades.
  4. Crossroads‘ – screening ‘Crossroads’ is trickier than ‘Coronation Street’.  A large percentage of the archive is sadly missing.  Local TV channel ‘Big Centre TV’ started repeating the episodes but these were suddenly stopped and then ‘Big Centre TV’ closed down.  I know the stories wouldn’t continue between each surviving episode but I’d be still curious to see what does exist.
  5. The Lovers’ – classic Granada sitcom from the 70’s with Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox.
  6. Nearest and Dearest’ – another Granada classic sitcom – with Hylda Baker and Jimmy Jewel.
  7. The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club‘ – I loved watching repeats of this on Granada Plus – the show ran for six series!
  8. ‘Hadleigh’ – Yorkshire Television drama from the 70’s starring Gerald Harper.
  9. ‘Whicker’s World’– another Yorkshire Television classic.  Would be great to see Alan Whicker on our screens again.  Episodes on ITV started back in 1968 – and like the ‘Glimpses’ segments on Talking Pictures, I think these would do well.
  10. ‘The Sandbaggers’ – Yorkshire Television drama, I’ve heard about it, but never seen it – it’s meant to be really good.
  11. ‘Crown Court’ – get some episodes of this on!  A long-running daytime classic from Granada and featured many guest starts during its run.
  12. ‘Dick Turpin’ – an LWT series starring Richard O’ Sullivan of ‘Man About the House’ fame.
  13. ‘Follyfoot’ – a Yorkshire TV show which included Desmond Llewellyn of ‘Q’ fame (James Bond) in the cast.
  14. ‘Watching’ – an 80’s ITV sitcom I grew up with, would love to see again.  I can’t understand why it’s never repeated on ITV3 instead of ‘In Loving Memory’ and ‘On the Buses’ over and over.
  15. ‘The Arthur Haynes Show’ – classic ATV comedy from the 60’s.
  16. ‘George and The Dragon’ – another ATV comedy classic, with Sid James and John Le Mesurier.
  17. ‘The Bounder’ – an early 80’s Yorkshire TV sitcom starring Peter Bowles and George Cole.
  18. ‘Brass’ – a Granada TV spoof of ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ starring Timothy West.  I’ve seen clips of this and it looks funny.
  19. ‘Cannon and Ball’ – I have several DVD’s of the duo’s shows and they’re still funny.  They made several series for LWT – let’s get them repeated again on a Saturday night!
  20. ‘Russ Abbot Madhouse’ – as above, I don’t think these have been repeated since their first transmission and I don’t understand why.  Long overdue a repeat.
  21. ‘September Song’ – this was a Granada TV drama starring Russ Abbot and Michael Williams from the early 1990’s.  It’s brilliant and loved it first time around.
  22. ‘Stay Lucky’ – Dennis Waterman is his first major role after Minder, made for Yorkshire TV and also starring Jan Francis.
  23. ‘Sergeant Cork’ – ATV drama series starring William Gaunt.
  24. ‘A Kind of Loving’ – an acclaimed 10 part drama made by Granada.
  25. ‘Sez Les’ – Les Dawson’s brilliant sketch show made for Yorkshire TV which also featured guest appearances from John Cleese.


That’s it for now – please do write your suggestions below!  Chris



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