Front Runner – BDO Darts this Weekend

Check out the exciting news – Front Runner 2 to launch on Sky and Freesat!  I’ve asked whether or not this will arrive on Freeview, but no plans yet.  Will keep you posted! Check out the LIVE BDO World Darts this weekend too! Chris


Launch of Front Runner 2 on Sky

This means that Front Runner on Sky has moved so the two channels can be next to each other. Front Runner will remain on Freeview ch91..

  • Front Runner will broadcast on SKY ch469 and Freeview ch91 broadcasting  24/7

  • Front Runner 2 will broadcast on SKY ch468 and Freesat ch250 just broadcasting

British Darts Organisation
World Trophy – LIVE (May 26-29)

Front Runner will be showing the action live from the Memo Arts Centre in Barry, Wales from tonight.

The times are as follows:-

  • Tonight (Friday) 5pm – 11pm

  • Saturday 1pm – 7pm

  • Sunday 1pm – 7pm

  • Monday 1pm – 8.30pm

British GT Championship 2017

This will be shown on Front Runner 2 this weekend. It will be broadcast between 11.20am – 2pm and 3.40pm – 5.45pm.

Saturday 26th May

UCMMA Warrior Challenge in the Cage.

Monday 28th May

Poker Night in America

Tuesday 29th May

Icelandic Formula Offroad.

Wednesday 30th May

World Poker Tour (Also Friday)

Arm Wars

The Indoor League (Also Thursday June 1)

Friday 2nd June

Mobil 1 The Grid.

Saturday 3rd June

Warrior Challenge in the Cage.


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