Flowers In The Dirt – Reviewed!

Flowers in the Dirt Review
The Paul McCartney Archive Collection continues with ‘Flowers in the Dirt’, McCartney’s solo effort from 1989. It was my good friend Craig Whitfield that introduced me to this album in 2005. I was going through a tough time, and the album was just the medication I needed.
It’s now available in a wide variety of formats, with new songs ready for me to discover.
Regarding the original album, it’s an absolute classic. Starts with the single ‘My Brave Face’, and into ‘Rough Ride’. Then a duet with Elvis Costello, ‘You Want Her Too’, one of several collaborations recorded – more on that later. There’s upbeat tracks, and mellow ones too. ‘Distractions’ is a soft, gentle number, as is ‘Put It There’ which follows a couple of tracks on.
My favourite track of the original LP has to be ‘This One’ – so much is it my favourite track that genuinely, I would have it played at my funeral. That’s how much I love it. It wasn’t a single, you probably haven’t heard of it, but genuinely, it’s brilliant.
Disc 2 in the new Special Edition includes nine previously unreleased Costello and McCartney collaborations. I’d heard ‘You Want Her Too’ before and this is a great song, but to hear eight more tracks, 28 years after the album first came out is just brilliant!  And they are sensational – adding even more, to an album that was already a favourite of mine.

So much work goes into the Paul McCartney Archive Collection – from locating previously unheard material, to the actual remastering of the albums too.  I already look forward to the next release with anticipation.




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