Sky Sports on Now TV – Reviewed for 2017

Time to take a look at Sky’s Now TV offering of Sky Sports – many thanks to Sky for giving me the opportunity to review. – check out this link for offers and prices, well worth a look.

I’ll admit that sport took a back step for me when I got the Week Pass last month.  A couple of days after watching Bradford City v Millwall in the League One Play Off Final, there was the tragic events at Manchester Arena.  Like many, I was glued to the news for the rest of the week.

But, I did enjoy the weekend’s sport when I activated my Sky Sports Week Pass – there’s six great channels to choose from – with extensive sport 24 hours a day on each channel.  Cue Sky Sports 1 -5 and Sky Sports F1.  Many readers have asked me – “What about Sky Sports Mix?” – is this on Now TV?  Sadly, that’s a no.  At the moment there are “no plans” to add Sky Sports Mix to the Now TV offering either – hopefully this will change in the future.

But, back to the channels you can receive.  I was really impressed with the picture quality and sound – not only that, but the choice is unique to Sky Sports.  If you have BT Sport then you can receive four subscription channels including Box Nation, but six channels means an unprecedented amount of coverage.  Quite literally, there’s something for everyone.

£6.99 for a Sky Sports Day Pass is great value for money.  Take the Bradford Play Off as an example.  I know many people that paid a lot more to get down to Wembley to watch the game.  Sky’s coverage was excellent, and for 24 hours of sports coverage, £6.99 is less than what it costs for a cinema ticket these days.  For just £4 more, you can purchase a Sky Sports Week Pass, which is great during the Premier League season – and Sky Sports has more games than any other broadcaster.

For £33.99, you can purchase a Sky Sports Monthly Pass, which for just over £1 a day, I think, is really good value, and I have to admit, I’m tempted to subscribe!  My wife buys the Daily Mail every day – and just for a few pence more, you can have access to six sports channels, 24 hours a day, all year round.

Well worth checking out – and if you have the Now TV Sky Sports offerings, please do let me know what you think!  Keep your comments coming!



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