You Tube Series – Benson

Top Viewed Episodes in Series as of July 18th 2016

1 – Cannon and Ball (Series 1, Episode 3) – 122 views

2 – Simon Hepworth (Series 1, Episode 1) – 107 views

3 – Craig Whitfield (Series 1, Episode 2) – 65 views


Benson Series 1 (2015)

Episode 1 – Author Simon Hepworth

107 views as of July 18th 2016

Uploaded to You Tube on June 2nd 2015 and filmed at the Fleece pub in Farsley, Leeds during an evening where Simon read extracts from his books.  It was a really enjoyable interview, Simon’s subjects for his books vary so much so there’s plenty of questions to ask!


Episode 2 – Craig Whitfield

65 views as of July 18th 2016

Craig has been a good friend of mine since 2005 and was attending the Simon Hepworth book evening with me; I took the opportunity to film Craig – and it gave Craig a chance to promote a) his Jane Avril website at and also b) the Farsley Village Book Club which meet once a month and is still going strong today.  In 2006, me and Craig filmed a documentary called ‘The Lost Weekend’ and as part of a road trip, Craig drove us to Colne, where I learnt all about Titanic bandmaster Wallace Hartley.  Ten years on, I’ve said we should film ‘The Lost Weekend 2’, only this time I have to think of the surprise location!


Episode 3 – Cannon and Ball

122 views as of July 19th 2016

An audio interview from 2007, recorded backstage at the Batley Frontier.  It was a really enjoyable interview; Cannon and Ball had recently starred in ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’, so they were attracting a new audience all over again.  In 2016, it was announced that the Batley Frontier is to close – sad, the likes of these clubs will never be seen again.